When you are out of ideas what could be a great gift, maybe it is a time to look outside the box and listen what numerology and astrology says about it. Input person's full birth date and calculate its life path number and zodiac sign and find what kind of gifts such person might like.

My name is Armands and I made tip4me because I’m quite often out of ideas about good gift. I hope, tip4me will help you look outside the box to find some fresh gift ideas.

We are open to add your gift ideas if you have any - apply it here. NOW it is completely FREE.

Why Tip4me

I believe that people should take care for each other and build strong relationships. Gift giving is moment when you can give such emotions as surprise, joy, excitement and show your friendship and love. Sometimes it is not that easy so I wanted to help everyone to look outside.

Ideas that comes from persons astrology and numerology is just one cornerstone of the idea. Ideas will also generated around specific hobbies, fashion trends etc.

About Tip4me

Tip4me helps to find gift ideas from persons zodiac sign and life path number. Combining persons astrology and numerology profile.

We are developing this site as a hobby to help people to find best gift ideas. Currently site is very fresh but we launched it so everyone can start to use it. To make it perfect will take some time :)

What you can find in tip4me site:

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Armands with Tip4.me team.

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